Cats and Dogs Laying Down


In Your Home
A different kind of groomer, I only do Cats. Cats are #1 for me and I do things differently.

Any style!

Services We Provide

Cat groomer In your Home, shorthair, longhair, lion or shaving Shampoo & Furminator deshedding Solution. All organic, plant-based products, Phoenix. Nails and ears are automatically included with grooming. Price $90 tipping is appreciated not required.

All Cats

My mission is to provide the best products and care possible. I'm involved with the farmers markets with my eggs. I try to keep updated with the Environmental Working Group. When I shave I'm not using a machine oil. I use coconut oil and try to raise awareness.


I encourage you to contact me with any questions about what I do.


Coconut Oil
is anti-fungal, anti-bacterial,
Naturally whitening

Animal Wellness Magazine
October/November 2018
Coconut oil is natures most abundant source of Lauric acid, which has been used to kill viruses, bacteria and yeast as well as prevent tooth decay. Supports thyroid function and metabolism.
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