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How often should my pet be groomed?
The amount of the time between professional grooming can very between cats of the same breed, coat condition, hair type, age, density, and climate are some of the variables. A lot depends on how much home grooming you are able to do. The old wives tale saying that you should not bath your pet very often is untrue. If your cat is being bathed with a professional product they can be and should be bathed as often as once a month. Older kitties require it more often.
Why doesn't my cats hair look good?
As your cat sheds mats form trapping everything from grease to bacteria. Once the greasy dander builds up combing only helps with bathing because the grease causes the hair to reclump.
What do Kennels Use?
bleachClorox Bleach or a commercial product which is very similar.Why? It is protection against the major obvious dangers (and the aromatics of it removes the odors. The one labeled Commercial Germicidal Clorox Bleach has the list of the over 50 items it protects against. When you have more than one animal in the house you should take precautions. The seborrhea is not contagious. Oils om the skin and greasy seborrhea can trap germs and should be cleaned regularly. Clean often and don't forget your pets bedding.Odors are unacceptable don't let someone tell you it's normal. I have been in and owned enough kennels to know that Clorox Bleach takes those odors away and is approved to protect us.When cleaning up accidents if you use Clorox pets will not be drawn by odors to return to that area.If you fail to use Clorox when cleaning up accidents your pet will recognize that area as being their place to go again.
Why Cat Grass
It relieves an upset stomach To supplement their diet Grass juice contains folic acid, a vitamin that supports cats� growth and helps increase oxygen levels in their blood. If your cat is grazing, it may be because he or she is battling a dietary deficiency and is in search of this vitamin boost.