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Problem Solved

Lazer Declawing



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I got a new rescue yesterday and he's a working cat I put Soft Paws on him. His first day home I bathed him in GreaseMagic, Conditioned him in Furminator (He said NO to the blowdryer. I continued with Soft Paws. We got a few on. We'll get more on next week.



Problem Solved
No more de-clawing

If you are a do-it-yourself-er. When cutting the cats nails (they fit into the cover) don't try to cut off all the white of the nail. It is like your own nail. Only remove the long part. Then they are glued on with super glue. Follow the instructions. They don't come off even with bathing. They come in different sizes. The application is included with a in your home groom; with you supplying the nail covers. For more information